A Heart for Freedom

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He longs for freedom, but won t risk the lives of those he loves.

Matthew Stewart wants only to farm, manage his inn, and protect his family. But tension between the Loyalists and Patriots is mounting. When he's asked to help the Patriots and assured his family will be safe, he agrees. In Scotland, Heather Stewart has seen the cost of fighting England and wants no part of it. She wants only to avoid war and protect the family and peace she finally found in Virginia. But the war drums can be heard even from their home in the countryside, and she has no power to stop the approaching danger. The consequences are deadly. When Matthew leaves for a short journey and doesn't return, Heather faces the biggest trial of her life. Will she give up hope of seeing him again? Will he survive the trials and make his way home? What will be the consequences of his heart for freedom?   A Heart for Freedom by Janet S. Grunst


(No reviews yet) Write a Review