A Wonderful Love

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Award-winning author Linda Rondeau crafts a tender contemporary women's fiction novel in this heartwarming story set in New York's Adirondack Mountains. Iraq War widow, Dorie Fitzgerald, despises the frigid Adirondacks that have now become her home. After numerous failed job interviews, she questions the wisdom of moving to be near her parents. Desperate to try and fit in, she joins the community theater in the production of "It's a Wonderful Life." Could a "wonderful love" be waiting in the wings? Jamey Sullivan put his career on hold in order to run the family business and to help his ailing father. With his sights set on Broadway, Jamey reluctantly agrees to help with the production of the play, even though he's convinced local performers lack the necessary acting skills. Well ... all but one actress, anyway. Will the pair's competing ambitions, demanding schedules, family members, and finances -- plus a romantic rival -- pull the curtain down on their growing attraction towards one another? A Wonderful Love by Linda Wood Rondeau


(No reviews yet) Write a Review