Agnes Hopper Bets on Murder

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When Agnes Hopper travels to Beulah Land Cemetery to inform her late husband, Charlie, of the dire financial pickle she’s in, she discovers the shoeless and quite dead body of Charlie’s best friend laid out on a concrete bench. Despite the indifference of the local sheriff, Agnes’ nose for trouble smells something foul and she vows she won’t rest her aching knees until Josiah Goforth can rest in peace. But as she and her sometimes-love-interest, Smiley Abenda, uncover a growing list of suspects and illegal activities in their small town, they must also rally the fellow residents of Sweetbriar Manor to help prevent the sale of their home to a halfway house for female inmates. The antics these senior citizens pull would surely make Charlie roll over in his grave! Can Agnes curtail her spending and stop the sale while looking for a murderer? Or will the murderer stop her first? Agnes Hopper Bets on Murder by Carol Guthrie Heilman


(No reviews yet) Write a Review