Angel Beneath My Wheels

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Maybe she was his good luck charm. An angel beneath his wheels.

Beneath his playboy façade, NASCAR driver Luke Brandt yearns for family. Rachel Tate, an inventive, purity-ring-wearing mechanical engineer, wants to prove herself in a male dominated industry. When Luke outbids Rachel on the only muscle cars she could use to test her new vapor-fueled engine, she writes him off, but Luke's gentle ways and country charm eventually win her over.

As Rachel begins to touch Luke’s heart, he’s haunted by memories of the mother who abandoned him as a boy. But with an intense trust that God will lead her on life’s journey, Rachel perseveres, and her innocence and grace breach Luke’s defenses. As they join forces to bring her remarkable invention to market, their love and lives are threatened by the iron-tight grip that Big Oil holds over the auto industry. Will Rachel hold on to her values? And will Luke realize his final happiness must come through faith, in the One who has always loved him … and always will?

Angel Beneath My Wheels by K. S. Moore


(No reviews yet) Write a Review