Blow Out the Candles

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Starting over in a new town, Brandy Barrett hopes to help her father heal from a double tragedy in their shared past. Her sister, Torey disappeared mysteriously—then Brandy lost her tortured mother, too. When a devious and heartless couple moves into town, living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan turns out to be anything but peaceful. The pair have plans for the little girls in Iron Cove. Plans that include cakes, balloons, and birthday gifts and a type of terror "daddy's little girl" never imagined. How does a houseful of five-year-old girls suddenly disappear? Can anyone hear their cries after they blow out the candles and say goodbye? Will Brandy uncover the truth before the missing girls become lost in a world of human sex trafficking?   Blow Out the Candles and Say Goodbye by Linda S. Glaz


(No reviews yet) Write a Review