Dakota Courage

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Fear says you can't. Love says you must.

Elaine Kent hopes a new name, a new town, and a new job will help heal her wounded spirit. All she wants is a quiet life free from her traumatic past. When a battered female teen escapes into her store, Elaine has seconds to decide if helping is worth the risk. Helping the hurt teen lands Elaine in the middle of a human trafficking ring and back into a world of fear and danger.

When Judah Demski walks into Elaine’s store with his daughter to buy a present, life takes a quick turn toward relationship land. But Elaine wants to remain in the friend zone. Her past and their presence threaten to unravel her a new comfortable lifestyle.

To save herself, and Judah and his daughter, Elaine knows she needs a hero … or the courage to become one.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review