Damn Shame - Finding Freedom from False Beliefs

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Does God really hate me? Why do I feel so worthless? What if I mess up ... again? Is the God of the Bible really that judgmental? "I can't believe I could produce something as worthless as you." Words like this from people close to us produce shame, that feeling that we aren't worthy of the air we breathe or the ground beneath our feet. Why do some shame us, and why do we shame others? Where does shame come from? Shame affects every area of our life and relationships including our relationship with God. In order to cure shame, we have to find its root source, which may be subtly (yet destructively) hidden in commonly accepted teachings of the church that wreak havoc on our God concept and self-image. Damn Shame speaks candidly about these unbiblical theologies and invites us to shift our understanding so we can begin to live as our Father really sees us.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review