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LPC Books launched its general book publishing division in 2007. Our authors include Christy Award winners, debut novelists, and nonfiction writers. When our fiction titles project an agenda, they point to moral truths and portray characters with strong beliefs about what’s right and wrong.

LPC Books is a traditional, royalty-paying book publisher. We do not offer author advances and we do not charge authors for the production and editing of their book. We do encourage our authors to participate in marketing promotions and work hard to make their book known, but the author is under no obligation to participate.

Book publishing is a relationship business. As such, we seek authors who understand that the development of a book is a team effort and that the final product — including title, cover, and back cover copy — is solely at the discretion of the publisher. We invite author participation in the process, but LPC has final say in book design, editor assignment, and other aspects of the project.

LPC will consider your platform, but we believe the best platform is one where you help others. In order to do that our authors need to have a web presence. We will ask you to submit a fully developed marketing plan for your book as part of your submission process. We look for authors who:

Are technology savvy—know how to copy and paste URLs—search the web for answers and solutions before asking, “what is a hashtag”—check their email daily—read our weekly author newsletter—participate in our book  promotions—reach out to their fanbase when asked—never, ever give up on their book!

We encourage authors to hire a professional editor and proofreader before submitting your manuscript to any publisher. This is not a requirement for LPC submissions, but it is a strong recommendation. With most houses you only get one shot with the Pub Board. Give them your polished best.

LPC seeks CLEAN and WHOLESOME stories that DO NOT contain overt or immoral sexual content, gratuitous violence, or rampant obscenities. If your submission reads like a sermon in a story, you may be asked to rework the project so it appeals to general market readers. We seek stories that entertain and present characters with strong beliefs about what is right and wrong. We encourage our authors to present their beliefs and faith journey in their bio at the back of the book.

If contracted to write for LPC, we will:

Advertise your book with Amazon ads and Goodreads ads—Ask David Tweets—provide PDF Advance Review Copies—offer Rafflecopter giveaways of print and digital copies—submit your book for audio production—submit your book for review to Publishers Weekly—offer the Kindle version of your book for FREE or 99 cents with Kindle Select promotions—share news about your book with our subscriber newsletter (over 13,000 readers)—tweet about your book through our Twitter accounts—submit your book for promotion to EReader News—distribute prayers on your behalf to our Circle Maker Prayer Team—list your book with Ingram for bookstore distribution

LPC has several active imprints, ranging from romance and suspense to westerns and Christian nonfiction. Below are links to specific submission guidelines for each imprint.

Fiction Guidelines

Each imprint has specific submission guidelines. Unless contracted to write a “Christian Fiction” novel, we expect the author to:

  • Hold a biblical worldview and present wholesome values without preaching or including conversion stories. For guidance study the parables of Jesus. Christ conveyed God’s truth through stories by showing the consequences of actions and attitudes.
  • Avoid “Christian words” unless the dialogue is organic to the character. (pastor, priest, missionary …). Avoid profanity, sexual content, or strong violence.
  • Deliver a clean, wholesome story that allows the reader to see the consequences of right and wrong, good and evil. Be honest about life: doing the right thing often comes with a price. Doing the right thing does not guarantee that your answer to prayer is God’s answer. Marriages dissolve, addictions ruin lives, companies fold and families lose their homes. For guidance study the life of Jesus. He died broke, broken, and alone.

Christian Fiction will continue to make up twenty percent of our titles. In “Christian Fiction” we allow and expect words like: “God, Jesus, Christ, pray, prayer, sin, saved, conversion,” to appear in the story. The other eighty percent of our titles should be aimed for general market readers who may not believe in God, but recognize a great story when they read it.

If you are unsure how to create a fiction book proposal we recommend you buy a copy of Writing a Winning Book Proposal by Michael Hyatt.

Nonfiction Submissions

Below are a few things to consider when submitting your manuscript:

Is your premise statement true? Can a conclusion be drawn from your premise statement or is it simply making an observation? Your premise statement is the fundamental concept that drives the content and reflects the basic theme of your title and sub-title. Your premise identifies the need that you are addressing in the book and the solution you are proposing. We WILL judge your book on your premise, so ask:

  • How is my approach different from other books on this topic?
  • Why would the audience be interested in my book?
  • Why am the person to write the book?

Your title AND premise statement needs to be clear, concise, and creative.

Premise statement is:

  • You book’s sales pitch
  • Your author introduction
  • A road map for the book

Additional features you might consider adding to your book:

  • Study questions
  • Interactive elements
  • Personal anecdotes
  • Links to video resources
  • On camera interviews of the book

If you are unsure how to create a nonfiction book proposal we recommend you buy a copy of Writing a Winning Book Proposal by Michael Hyatt.