Guiding Light


Guiding Light is the contemporary women’s fiction line of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (LPC). We publish stories that entertain, encourage, inspire, and enlighten.

At Guiding Light, we believe that the first requirement of a novel is to entertain the reader. In doing so, the story should have a strong, emotional plot and engaging, relatable characters. Our stories are compelling and thought-provoking, and women are the central characters.

Because Guiding Light sells to the general market, we’re seeking clean, wholesome stories that reflect God’s commands, laws, and promises without necessarily crediting Him for his moral absolutes. We are only accepting submissions that:

  • Hold a biblical worldview and present wholesome values without preaching or including conversion stories. For guidance study the parables of Jesus. Christ conveyed God’s truth through stories by showing the consequences of actions and attitudes.
  • Avoid “Christian words” unless the dialogue is organic to the character (pastor, priest, missionary, etc.). Avoid profanity, sexual content, or strong violence.
  • Deliver a clean, wholesome story that allows the reader to see the consequences of right and wrong, good and evil. Be honest about life: doing the right thing often comes with a price. Doing the right thing does not guarantee that your answer to prayer is God’s answer. Marriages dissolve, addictions ruin lives, companies fold and families lose their homes. For guidance, study the life of Jesus. He died broke, broken, and alone.

Submission Guidelines:

We’re looking for stories that tug at the heart and engage the reader’s emotions.

  • Stories should entertain and engage the readers (who are primarily women).
  • Stories should conform to a biblical worldview and present wholesome values without preaching or including conversion stories.
  • Stories should be set in the contemporary era (post 1960s).
  • Settings can be in the U.S. or abroad.
  • Stories may include multiple points-of-view.
  • The plot doesn’t have to center around a male/female relationship, although it may.
  • Stories don’t have to include a happily-ever-after, but should be realistic and satisfying.
  • Authors should demonstrate a sound understanding of fiction writing and creative talent.
  • Ideal word count is 80,000-90,000 words.

Submissions must include:

  • A back-cover blurb (1-2 short paragraphs)
  • A synopsis (1-2 pages single spaced: for tips on writing a synopsis, click here)
  • A marketing plan, including information on your online presence, social media stats, professional/organizational connections, and ideas for marketing your book
  • A list of potential endorsers
  • Author biography

Submit proposals in a single Word document and e-mail as an attachment to:

Karin Beery
Acquisitions and Managing Editor
Guiding Light Women’s Fiction, Imprint of LPC

At this time we are considering submissions only from respected CBA literary agencies and requests made to authors we meet at Christian writers conferences.