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Harambee Press . . . Lifting Up Ethnic Voices

 African American culture is rooted in the art of storytelling. Laced within each breath of our ancestors, entwined within the stories they told, our culture has endured. Through generations since, it’s that shared history that has strengthened our connections with the past and each other, because within those stories, we’ve recognized ourselves.

For people of color, our common history has been a means to come together. Or, like the Swahili word harambee teaches, to pull together. Out of this truth, Harambee Press was birthed.

Harambee Press is here to raise up the ethnic voice, to give us a place to communicate, through publication, with each other and the world. We are looking for writers who want to express the diversity of their culture and who have stories or life lessons for or about people of color. Whether through fiction or nonfiction, HP authors should carry a message of hope and redemption, because that is the message our ancestors wanted to give to us. Carrying that message forward is now both our duty and our reward.

For such a time, Harambee Press desires to bring writers of color together in order to share their words with the rest of the literary world.

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