Illumin8: Straight Talk for Street Smart Teens

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Today's teens move at a fast pace. Their music is extreme, entertainment edgy. They embrace tomorrow, and reject last year's fads. They RESON8 with the real world around them. But can they cope with what's to come? Readers of REGENER8 asked hard questions about life, lust, drugs, and drinking. Packed with life-changing truth, no preservatives, no sugar coating, just 100% of your daily allowance of in-your-face Gospel truth, ILLUMIN8 answers those questions with a message that challenges today's youth. ILLUMIN8 shows how to build spiritual muscle through effective Bible study and prayer. As readers turn from their old life they will learn to develop habits that will carry them on a life long journey of following Christ. ILLUMIN8 rips down the curtain, throws open the window, and sheds light in the dark places where we hide. Did you know the Devil has a plan for your life? Do you? Don't wander in the dark. ILLUMIN8! Illumin8 by Rob Cook


(No reviews yet) Write a Review