Illuminate YA

Illuminate YA Acquisitions 

Illuminate YA, the teen fiction imprint of LPC Books, is looking for YA fiction in all subgenres (except LGBTQ+). We will consider upper MG fiction as well.

 ​Our mission at Illuminate is to shed light on positive and inspiring books that engross readers in an entertaining journey from beginning to end. We don’t shy away from reflecting today’s authentic youth culture, yet we do so in a way that promotes good morals and values. Our stories touch teens’ deepest needs, answers their life questions, sweeps them away in a can’t-put-me-down adventure, and portrays their world with a thread of hope.

Our authors at Illuminate YA are familiar with the current Young Adult market and understand how they will reach their target audience. They should have a platform via social media and must regularly engage with their tribe. While we assist in marketing efforts, authors must create and follow through with their own marketing plans.


  • YA novels must be considered clean (no vulgar language or scenes).
  • Manuscripts must be within 50k - 100k word count range.
  • In your subject line, please state one of the following: "Agented Submission", "Unagented Submission," or "Requested Submission." 
  • Please include agent name and contact info in your query letter (if applicable).
  • Query letters should include the following: brief summary of the book, short bio info, agent info, word count, and genre.
  • Include query letter in the body of your email and include proposal as a .doc/.docx attachment (see below for guidelines).

Proposal Guidelines:

In your proposal, please include...

  • Author bio and publishing credits
  • Brief summary of the novel (1 - 3 paragraphs)
  • Book tagline (one sentence hook)
  • Comparable titles
  • 2 - 3 page synopsis
  • Marketing plan
  • Platform reach stats
  • Potential influencers
  • Potential series info (if applicable)
  • First three chapters or fifty pages

If you're unsure how to create a book proposal, we recommend the book “Writing a Winning Book Proposal” by Michael Hyatt.

Please send your submission to:

Tessa Emily Hall

YA Acquisitions Editor

Illuminate YA, Imprint of LPC

You can expect to hear a response within 1 – 3 weeks.