Trailblazer Western Fiction — Ride along with cowboys and indians, lawmen and outlaws, pioneers, settlers, and ranchers through tales of the American West. Our historical and contemporary westerns portray both the grit and excitement of frontier life with a strong emphasis on morality and heritage, regardless of character’s race or background. We seek to portray authentic life on the frontier, both in the past and present.

Harambee Press desires to bring writers of color together in order to share their words with the rest of the literary world.

Heritage Beacon Fiction provides powerful stories that readers back to the days when values, family, and honor turned average men and women into heroes and heroines.

Firefly Southern Fiction is story-driven with distinctly Southern characters living within the realm of Southern tradition, both historical and contemporary.

BLING! Romance  heroines and heroes are contemporary in every sense of the word. They may have a past filled with worldly challenges and long-lasting impact, or they may be in the midst of their transformation – but one thing is certain: their journey will revolve around a solid, believable romance.

Smitten Historical Romance features stories from the Regency era through the 1970s. Our goal is to engage the general market reader from the first paragraph to the last with a story that touches the mind, heart and spirit.

Candlelight Romance  is the inspirational contemporary romance line of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (LPC).

Guiding Light Women’s Fiction is the contemporary and historical women’s fiction line of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (LPC).

Lamplighter Mysteries & Suspense is LPC’s cozy murder mystery line and thriller, suspense imprint. Our stories may contain some content of an inspirational/religious nature but a faith element is not required. Most are clean, wholesome who-done-it novels.

IlluminateYA Fiction reflects today’s authentic youth culture, yet we do so in a way that promotes good morals and values. Our stories touch teens’ deepest needs, answers their life questions, sweeps them away in a can’t-put-me-down adventure, and portrays their world with a thread of hope.

SonRise Devotionals encourages individuals to develop a stronger relationship with Christ through personal quiet time. Bathed in prayer, SonRise Devotionals seeks to offer hope to an injured and hurting world.

Straight Street Books is your guide to current topics and issues from a Christian world view. Each title seeks to help readers know God better.

Iron Herring is our speculative fiction line.