Jesus, the I AM: A Study for Lent

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This Easter, discover the power of I AM! 

We know that Jesus’s work on the cross and His resurrection changed the world. Two thousand years later, His work is still changing lives—one person at a time—thanks in part to His I AM statements. Those simple words have the power to change your life and the world today.

Hebrews says that Jesus is the exact imprint of God the Father. In the weeks leading up to his final days, Jesus made seven simple statements that revealed His closeness to God; that He was one with God. In those statements, Jesus was establishing His authority. In those statements, He revealed to the world that He shared the same attributes with God, known to Israel as the “I AM.” With those statements, Jesus is inviting you into relationship where He can intervene on your behalf.

Jesus,the I AM, an eight-week study devotional for the 2022 Easter and Lent season, will help you appreciate anew the gift and significance of Jesus’s words. Written with a worshipful and contemplative tone, Jesus,the I AM invites you to discover the power and relevance of the I AM in your life today. This Easter, lean into the I AM.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review