Learning to Pray

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Something happens when we pray. We may never comprehend it totally this side of heaven, but we know that in some mysterious way prayer connects us with God. Prayer ushers us into the realm of the supernatural where anything is possible.

The God who created us wants to be in communication with us, so He made it easy for us to talk to Him wherever we are- and without the need for batteries or satellites. Yes, there is a supernatural mystery to prayer.

If there is one thing you can take away from this book it is this-God Answers Prayer.

Prayer can calm our nerves, heal our souls, bring life back to our bodies, and even help us to find our keys. So join me as we journey together into the mysterious prayer zone where strange things happen. It is in that realm that we find God faithful to meet our every need.

This book is meant to be a basic guide to prayer. You could think of it as Prayer 101. May this book inspire you to draw near to God, so that He can draw near to you (James 4:8).

Here are a few of the topics included in this book:

Why Pray Grace Night-Time Prayers Who Does God Hear? A Prayer from the Heart The Sinners Prayer Bugged by Prayer Doing What Comes Naturally Who Do We Pray To? Praying in Jesus Name Humility Hats and Heads Hands Eyes Getting Alone with God Having a Quiet Time Plan Hearing God Praying For Guidance Prayer Lists Keeping Track Praying Scripture Claiming a Promise Meeting the Conditions Be Specific Praying with Thanksgiving The Importance of Faith Praying God's Will Praying For Healing Repetition Praying Continually Praise The Prayer Cycle


(No reviews yet) Write a Review