Little Tea

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Expected release date is Apr 30th 2020

Product Overview

One phone call from Renny to come home and “see about” the capricious Ava, and Californian Celia Wakefield decides to overlook her distressful past in the name of friendship and head back to the South. For three reflective days at Renny’s lake house in Heber Springs, Arkansas, the three childhood friends reunite and examine life, love, marriage, and the ties that bind, even though Celia’s personal story has yet to be healed. 

When the past arrives at the lake house door in the form of her old boyfriend, Celia revisits the life she’d tried to outrun. As the idyllic coming of age on her family’s ancestral grounds in bucolic Como, Mississippi unfolds, Celia realizes there is no better place to accept what happened in young adulthood than in this circle of introspective friends who have remained beside her throughout the years. 

Theirs is a friendship that can talk any life sorrow into a comic tragedy, even Celia’s great heartbreak over the loss of her childhood friend, Little Tea. But changing times are full of surprises. From them, will Celia learn that friendship has the ability to triumph over history?


(No reviews yet) Write a Review