Made for Eden

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What does being a Christian mean?

In Made for Eden, Dr. Bryan McIntosh shares from the heart of a pastor and his marketplace ministry about learning to walk closer with Father God and encourage readers that indeed we were made for more, but it starts now….here on earth. We don’t have to wait for the life God has designed us to have one day. Being a Christian means so much more..

 This narrative study explores the identities of child, ambassador, and saint within a believer’s life and:

  • reminds readers of the glorious purpose God had for mankind;
  • reveals the implications of Jesus’s sacrifice;
  • defines the crucified life Jesus produces in and for his disciples;
  • displays Jesus as the gateway to restoring us to our created purpose.

Made for Eden is a journey that tells the story of God’s infinite love for His highest creation, starting in Genesis in the Garden of Eden, and ending in Revelation, with a garden on the new earth, both containing a tree of life. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review