Midnight, Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve. Two cups of hot cocoa. Two high school friends . . .
and a promise made, never to be broken.

While in their junior year of high school, Brady Jameson and Sarah Ashford have a chance encounter on a park bench during the magical, thinly veiled hours of Christmas Eve. From there, a special bond and friendship develop between them. Then, a promise is made: if unmarried after graduating college, they will return to the bench on Christmas Eve and begin their lives together.

Over the years, Brady keeps his promise. Sarah, however, never shows, even though Brady knows she’s not married. Friends insist Brady “let her go,” but Brady made a promise to Sarah and Sarah owns his heart. And so, each year, he waits at the bench holding two cups of hot cocoa. Will Sarah ever return to the bench? Will she ever know how much Brady has always loved her?


(No reviews yet) Write a Review