Object Talks for Christmas

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Christmas is not all about Santa, decorating a pretty tree, or getting every gift you want. Christmas Object Lessons will help children learn and remember the real reason for celebration. Little lamb illustrations will grab a kid’s attention, while unforgettable lessons move the focus from simple Christmas objects every child recognizes, to memorable, biblically sound lessons about God. Each lesson begins with a Christmas object most kids will have at home and uses Scripture-based themes to lead children to deeper spiritual application. Lessons have possible memory verses bolded within the quoted verses, and each includes a simple activity to keep children involved and make the application stick. Christmas Object Lessons is a fun, easy-to-use, kid-focused book, meant to provide families, teachers, and leaders of children ages 6-12 a tool to keep Jesus the center of holiday festivities. Kids and adults are reminded the baby Jesus is also our Lord and Savior. This book is ideal for family devotions, home school and Bible school classes, youth programs, and kid’s worship services. Relevant ideas can easily be implemented in sessions for youth and adults.   Christmas Object Lessons by Verna Kokmeyer


(No reviews yet) Write a Review