Raising a Child with Autism

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Autism affects 1-in-68 American children, so when Tim and Melissa Fountain received the news that their Joey was "the one," they looked to their poor gardening skills for guidance. Autism is a profound neurological disorder that impacts language, self-care, and social skills. Coupled with each person's unique individuality, parenting an autistic child can be doubly difficult. For Tim and Melissa, watching Joey "act out" reminded them of wilted flowers among strong weeds -- which to pull, which to water? The Fountains reworked, replanted, and reseeded in hopes Joey would bloom into his normal self. Raising a Child with Autism provides parents of disabled children tips and techniques, hope and encouragement, in thoughtful, easy-to-understand ways. Learn how to apply family love, spiritual wisdom, and strength as you grow your autistic child from a bud to bloom. While you weave your way through the weeds of a disability, you may realize, as the Fountains learned, that no one is ever truly prepared to manage a disability, but you can, with love and faithfulness, grow great kids!   Raising a Child with Autism by Timothy Fountain


(No reviews yet) Write a Review