Refreshing Wind - Celebrate the Presence of God

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Welcome to Refreshing Wind. This book has already experienced a Spirit miracle. Recently in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a group of writers and the CLASSeminar faculty gathered to compose a devotion book celebrating a renewed Spirit common to all of them. In less than a week, they each wrote a devotional, prayed over it, and submitted it for publication. In this special book, a joint effort combined to meld these writers’ trust in their Lord with their past experiences, talents, and skills into a devotional for celebrating God’s Presence in your life. Inside these pages you will find a daily story about ordinary men and women who were discouraged—and standing in the mire at the lowest point of their lives—God provided a refreshing wind to assure them of His grace and love. The sign may have come in a bright heap of autumn leaves, a pile of grey rocks, a noisy telephone call, or the eerie silence hovering over smoldering ashes of a family home. In each case, God touched these writers and raised the ordinary to the extraordinary, providing the spark the writers needed for renewed life. Our prayer is that you find that same spark in your life, uplifted by a refreshing wind to begin a fresh start.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review