Love & History Cover to Cover

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Who doesn’t love a well-told historical tale? Sure, we know people didn’t smell that great back in the day, and wearing those tight corsets, heavy dresses and pinchy shoes had to be decidedly uncomfortable. But we still like to dream about times gone by—eras in which manners were well-defined, clothing was functional to fabulous, and travel meant adventure and danger.

At Smitten Historical Romance, we look for authors who have a strong sense of the periods they write about—an understanding based on careful research and wide reading. Smitten authors have a compelling literary voice and a thorough understanding of the elements of story.

When you choose a Smitten Historical Romance, you know you’ll be transported back in time to a place, an era, and a situation that is realistic in its setting. Our goal is to engage the reader from cover to cover.

What is Smitten Historical Romance?

  • Winsome characters caught in interesting historical situations
  • Engaging heroes with likable, spunky, feminine heroines, all of whom are imperfect
  • Solid character development and realistic motivations
  • Vivid descriptions that immerse the reader in the setting without distracting from the story
  • A realistic setup that addresses issues characters faced in the chosen era
  • A strong plot that keeps the reader engaged until the satisfying conclusion
  • Fresh, lively, or evocative prose
  • Compelling writing that evokes emotion
  • A setting that entices readers, whether in North America or around the world
  • Written in deep third point of view with both hero and heroine’s point of view represented
  • Clean writing free of profanity, graphic sexual content, and gratuitous violence*

We’re open to any historical era or setting, but popular favorites are:

  • Colonial America
  • Western & Cowboy Romance
  • Regency
  • 19th Century America
  • WWI through the 1920s
  • Marriage of convenience
  • Mail-order bride

*Because many of our novels take place during turbulent historical times, like the Civil War or WWII, there will be scenes depicting what is necessary to further the story while remaining true to the history of the time. Gratuitous violence is graphic depiction that goes above and beyond what is needed to craft a compelling scene that serves the story well.