The ABC List of Feature Ideas

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By now, you have tried your hand at writing either as a blogger or a freelance writer or someone who is writing for free just to have the opportunity to earn a byline. You have desire and some natural talent and all you need is encouragement and instruction. As you seek out a mentor or a writing group, consider reading all that you can on writing well. This short guide will help you think through some standard articles that publishers, particularly magazines, would consider if you can provide a novel angle. This beginner's guide will walk you through some crucial ethical considerations, a formula for writing that works and specific ideas that will give your article flair.

Packed with solid advice, interesting examples and useful exercises. Particularly valuable is the huge list of story ideas .. sure to spark an idea in any creative mind. ~ Doug Trouten, journalism professor, Northwestern College, and FORMER director of a 400-magazine association.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review