The Adjustment Period

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Expected release date is Oct 25th 2022

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The heart wants what it wants....or does it?

“Golden child” Cassie Reiker inherited all the status and perks that go with having celebrity parents. Money. Notoriety. An expensive home. Wild LA parties. And an enviable foot in the door of every opportunity money can’t buy. Why would anyone, especially Cassie, walk away from what many perceive as a life of dreams to waitress tables and live in a beach shack on a shoestring budget? But the heart wants what it wants, and what Cassie desires most is the affection of Aiden, a reclusive, grouchy bookworm, and his ridiculously untamable mutt.

 How will Cassie sort through all the conflicting emotions in her heart? After all, she’d be crazy to leave Aiden on the beach and return to her perfect life in LA. But then again, she’d be crazy to stick with him when her enticing home turf offers the type of luxury, glamor, and fame people would die for. Everyone but everyone is trying to stop her from ruining her perfect life plan ... because she’s crazy, right?

About the Author

Clare is a successful and highly popular author of award winning Fanfiction, with thousands of online fans and over 2 million reads on her Lord of the Rings Fanfic epic. Clare has also won several writing awards within the Fantasy, Romance, Inspirational, and Short Story genres. Her story Refuge was a top prize winner and as a direct result published in Faith & Freedom anthology by EA books. Her debut YA fantasy romance novel Tempest will be published with Iron Stream Media, 2021.

As well as writing, Clare is an experienced Occupational Therapist, with a passion for enabling people. She has contributed articles for online organizations aimed at highlighting disability as a positive influence in modern literature. Her love of storytelling, merged with her positive messages inspires her to create meaningful narratives that represent diversity, and promote unity.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review