The Smart Aleck's Guide to the Bible: Volume 1

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Dr. Sam Wright admits it--he was born a smart aleck. Even thought he has a Ph.D., has taught in the field of biblical studies, and has been a pastor for decades, Dr. Wright has spent his life asking such questions as:

If God created light and called the light good, was God afraid of the dark?

Is there a Mrs. God?

When God gave Himself an "A" for creating the world, was that like grading his own paper?

Who mucked out the stalls on the ark?

Why did it take Noah so long (ten months) to open a window?

Improper questions? Maybe. But God winks as Dr. Wright chuckles his way through the stories we learned at the knees of our Sunday school teachers, pastors, and Vacation Bible School leaders. In this first book, he invites readers to journey through the first 17 chapters of Genesis with a mind toward the questions most of us never think to ask. 

Get your tickle box ready ... this is funny stuff.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review