The Zenia Wood

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Gwyn has always been focused on fitting in with the popular girls in her idyllic seaside town. But when a hooded stranger alerts her to her parents’ danger, survival becomes her goal. After finding her parents murdered in their own home, Gwyn and her brother scramble to escape the killer—the notorious Black Wizard.

Desperate to break away from his father's scrutiny and criticism, the prince of Vickland—Heron Oakheart—escapes into the mysterious Zenia Wood. There, he meets Bromlin. The eccentric old man tells the prince a dark secret about his father and forces him to question everything he knows.

Thrown together by chance, Heron and Gwyn begin to unravel the dark plots surrounding them. Facing dragons, witches, and dark magic, Gwyn and Heron have no choice but to cling to their courage if they are to survive. Can they outwit their cunning opponents and rescue Gwyn’s brother from a castle prison before it’s too late?


(2 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Fun adventure!

    Posted by Davey Morgan on Jan 6th 2020

    This was a fun book! I felt like I was going along with Gwyn on her adventure! Carrie’s descriptive writing style really brought the world she created to life. It was fun going from chapter to chapter seeing the different perspectives from the variety of characters. They were all exciting and dynamic characters, even the villains. I wouldn’t want to meet one of the dragons in real life though. I would be running the other direction even if I had a sword. This was a fun book and I look forward to her future books!

  • 5
    The Zenia Wood

    Posted by Maree on Nov 29th 2019

    An enjoyable read that is well written and easy to read. What a journey for Gwyn and her brother, Martin and all the interesting characters they meet on the way. Power hungry Andulzo, the Wizard keeps them running for their lives; witches and dragons trying to kill them. Great storytelling by Carrie Looper Stephens.