Things We Once Held Dear

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The foundations of Neil Sadler's small-town life had been rocked by the suspicious death of Helen Syfert, the mother of Neil's friend Mary. Years later, living and working in New York City, Neil struggles to recover from a more recent loss. Intent on repairing his shattered world, Neil returns to his hometown of Mason, Ohio, where he reconnects with Mary.

Their once-close relationship hadn't been strong enough to survive the tragedy that overtook Mary's family, yet what drove them apart years ago now seems to be drawing them back together. The mystery of Helen's death remains unsolved. To bring closure will mean facing old truths-hard truths-and discovering some new ones.

  by Ann Tatlock

Praise for Things We Once Held Dear

"...a treasure for people who enjoy a literary yet unpretentious read." -- RT Bookclub

"A terrific inspirational....Ann Tatlock inspires her audience with her deft touch." -- Midwest Book Review

" a superb storyteller. Things We Once Held Dear is a skillfully rendered tale of restoration and hope." -- Susan Meissner, Armchair

"[Tatlock] creates a vividly immersive world... It's beautiful, amazing writing... a truly enjoyable and refreshing experience... Recommended." -- Tim Frankovich, Christian Fiction

"Terrific inspirational that uses a tragic mystery and more recent traumas to paint a tale of a Doubting Thomas..." -- Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews


(No reviews yet) Write a Review