Tracking Changes

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So you want to be a fiction writer and have your book published? Read this book first! It’s filled with great advice from a veteran editor. 

Our ability to skillfully string words together is a gift from God—one we should use to the best of our ability to honor Him. 

More than another book about how to write, Tracking Changes is a book about how to be a writer for God in an ever-changing industry that can challenge even the most determined writer. In this series of 46 essays, veteran editor Ramona Richards looks at what it means to be a working writer in today’s market. Some of the topics she covers include:

  • What an editor looks for in the first pages of a manuscript 
  • How manuscripts are chosen for publication 
  • Why manuscripts get rejected 
  • What editors look for in a writer 
  • How to work with a publisher after acceptance 
  • The stages of a thorough production process—and the edits involved 
  • The benefits of networking, social media, and writers conferences

A writer’s journey toward publication can be a struggle. Drawing on 40 years of work in Christian publishing, Ramona offers encouragement and advice to help make that path a little easier.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review