Trailblazer Western Fiction



Once upon a time, America LOVED westerns! The genre dominated cinema and television screens while authors like Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey, and Max Brand dominated bookstore shelves. Characters like Hopalong Cassidy, Zorro, and Shane lived in the hearts and minds of adults and children alike. But time passed, and the heyday of the western seemed to pass with it. New content in the genre became an anomaly rather than the norm, despite the fact that lovers of westerns still crave new stories, characters, and adventures.

Enter Trailblazer Western Fiction. Trailblazer is the newest imprint at Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. We seek to recapture the glory days of the Western, but with an updated feel that will ignite the hearts and minds of a whole new generation of readers. Trailblazer Western Fiction offers stories that combine the action, adventure, mystery, and romance of the American West, all wrapped up in the rugged men and brave women who left the comfort of life back east to discover and settle untamed lands in the West. Whether historical or contemporary, our westerns tell the stories of those who braved rugged terrain and insurmountable obstacles to make a life in the beauty and vastness of the western frontier.

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