Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top

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What do drive-by diaper stores and God have in common? When is blabbing an acceptable habit? Why should you beware of moths and slugs? In her entertaining, uplifting style, award-winning author and humorist Jeanette Levellie weaves 72 amusing stories with affirming biblical truths that will help you: *Laugh when you find cow patties in your field instead of daisies * Discover the bottomless heart of God * Grow in your acceptance of yourself and others

"Jeanette's writing can best be described as bi-polar: one minute you're laughing at her comical observations on life and the next reeling with conviction from her spiritual lessons. But no need for psychotropic drugs. Just enjoy her wit and wisdom in this delightful, habit-forming book!" James N. Watkins, award-winning author and humorist


(No reviews yet) Write a Review