Writing and Selling Children's Books in the Christian Market

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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Christian Children’s Author             
So you want to write a children’s book? Not just any children’s book. You want it to be tailored to the Christian market so it has kingdom significance. Or maybe you have already authored and published a children’s book in the Christian market, but you aren’t seeing the sales you had hoped. If either of these describes you, then dive into the pages of this book. Absorb the shared insights of two industry insiders as well as some of their well-published and talented colleagues. Apply their insights to your writing. Experience the satisfaction that comes from effective selling strategies. 
In Writing and Selling Children’s Books in the Christian Market—from Board Books to YA, learn industry insights from best-selling author Michelle Medlock Adams, whose books have sold more than four million copies, and agent and award-winning author Cyle Young. Together this dynamic duo—along with some of their well-published colleagues—share everything you need to know to write, illustrate, pitch, publish, and market your children’s or young adult book. If you’ve ever wanted to write and sell well, this book will show you how. 
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review